The Small Stuff: Part 2

Total Weight = 2.4oz (68 grams)

A first aid kit should be carried on any trip, be it day hike, weekender or extended trip. The contents will vary based on personal needs, length of trip, environment and first aid knowledge. The kit highlighted in this post is an example of a basic kit which I would carry on a trip from one to three days in length.

AAA battery and US quarter are for size reference

AAA battery and US quarter are for size reference

While one can certainly get by with a pre-packaged, ready to go store bought first aid kit, I have found them to be bulky, heavy, excessively packaged, expensive and lacking in certain items. A first aid kit should be personalized, and the only way to do that, is to assemble your own.


At first glance, this kit may appear a bit sparse, but looks can be deceiving. The items included in this kit are more than adequate to treat cuts, abrasions, burns and sprains, as well as perform some first aid on your gear. For more serious injuries, splints and slings can be improvised from other gear, such as trekking poles, CCF pads, bandanas, cordage, clothing, etc.

Contents of mini vial, wrapped with Leukotape:  Safety pins x2; sewing needles x2; dental floss

Contents of mini vial, wrapped with Leukotape: Safety pins x2; sewing needles x2; dental floss

Leukotape P is some amazing stuff. It is made from stretchy, breathable fabric and contains a strong zinc oxide based adhesive. Leukotape can be used in place of athletic tape for wrapping sprains and strains, is wonderful for blister prevention and treatment and can be used, along with some gauze, to make custom bandages. Leukotape has taken the place of athletic tape, mole skin, band aids and can even be used for gear repair. Truely multi-use.

Another multi-tasker, super glue, can be used to close minor wounds and also gear repair.


Remainder of contents includes:
GlacierGel – for burns
Large Bandage
Knuckle Bandage
Butterfly Bandages x3
Non Latex Gloves
Rolled Gauze
Alcohol Wipes x2 – also useful as a fire starter aid
Afterbite Wipe
Pre-Packed Triple Antibiotic x2
Micropur Tablets – for water treatment
Medications – Ibuprofen, Benadryl, Anti-Diarrhea, sometimes take Tylenol

In addition to carrying a first aid kit, I recommend taking a first aid course. When it comes to first aid in the field, knowledge is power.

The above kit works for me, but it may not be the right kit for you. Use this post as a reference point only. YOUR first aid kit needs to meet YOUR needs. Anything can happen out in the field; preparation, knowledge and first hand experience will give you a leg up when a first aid situation presents itself. Don’t sacrifice your safety for the sake of a few ounces.


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