Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow


Just about the size of a baseball

There really isn’t a lot to say about an inflatable pillow, it is what it is; a somewhat comfortable bag of air.

This is my first inflatable pillow so I don’t have much to compare it to. For me, previous pillows have consisted of shoes under a pillow case (or stuff sack) filled with whatever was around (usually my rain shell). Not the most comfortable set up, but for the most part, it worked.

Since I have decided to give up on my inflatable sleeping pad (at least for the summer/warmer months) and return to using the RidgeRest (classic closed cell foam pad), I thought it would be worth introducing a more comfortable/dedicated pillow to my sleep system. There’s a lot of options out there and after reviewing the possible pros and cons of each, opted to go with an inflatable, mostly for the small amount of volume it would take up in my pack.

Dimensions: 12”x16”
Weight: 3.4oz (didn’t bother weighing the stuff sack since I will not be using it)


This certainly isn’t the lightest pillow option out there, but the price was right at $25. The Exped Air Pillow UL (1.6oz for size M) looked great, but I was not interested in spending $50 on a pillow.

•Internal pocket for cradling your head
•One side nylon, other side microfiber (fleece like)
•Air core surrounded by layer of synthetic fill


I’ve slept on this pillow a total of eight nights so far and will say I find it fairly comfortable. It works best for me if I fully inflate it, lay my head on it and then use the twist valve to slowly let some air out until it reaches desired firmness. The weight of my head forces air to each side of the pillow and I then can actually feel the internal pocket under my head, thus creating a nice cradling effect.

I have to say my first exposure to an inflatable pillow has been a fairly positive experience. It is certainly more comfortable than a rain jacket in a sack. I plan on continuing to use this throughout the summer and will update this post after I have some more time in the field with it. Time will tell in regard to durability and whether or not I deem it a necessary enough comfort that I will continue to carry it with me.



5 responses to “Cocoon Ultralight Air-Core Hood/Camp Pillow

    • I totally agree. In certain circumstances, comfort trumps weight everytime. One of the worst nights of sleep I ever had was when I used a 2L Evernew bladder for a pillow.

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  2. i would use the stuff sack, having had this product for over a year now with constant use i have determined through process of elimination it lasts longer when put into its tiny stuff sack. I bought 5 of these pillows and handed them out to my hiking buds all of them except me just tossed them either in their pack bottom or in a stuff sack with their sleep gear. I have always placed mine back into the stuff sack. I go out pretty much from every friday to sunday not including the multiple week long trips a year. So basically i go out the most out of all of them and my air core pillow is still fine all of theirs did not even last past three months. Actually these pillows have horrible reviews but i love mine.

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