Featured Gear: Ruta Locura Sorex Stake

ruta locura sorex

If someone would pay me to trash tent stakes, I could probably make a pretty good living for myself.

That being said, the reason I am featuring the Ruta Locura Sorex Stake in this article is because I am blown away by how tough these featherlight stakes actually are.  When I got these, I was fully prepared to not have them last very long.  I decided I wouldn’t baby them and just treat them like all my other stakes.  I am a firm believer a stake needs to go in the ground . . . by whatever means necessary.

I have pounded the heck out of these things with all sorts of rocks countless times over the past few months and they have so far survived the onslaught.  I’m still shocked.  Now, of course, you aren’t supposed to beat stakes like these with a rock and I don’t recommend it, and I’m sure the manufacturer wouldn’t recommend it either.  But I just don’t know any better.

sorex stakes

The Sorex stake is available from Ruta Locura and Zpacks.  Ruta Locura is the original designer and Zpacks is making them in house in cooperation with Ruta Locura.  Ruta sells these in either 6 or 9 inch length and offers them in packs of 4.  Zpacks only has the 6 inch at this time and they offer them for sale individually or in quantity.

sorex head

The heads are a bit chewed up but still in pretty good shape

The Sorex stake is a hollow carbon fiber tube with a glued in aluminum head and tip.  They are very lightweight with the 6 inch weighing 6 grams and the 9 inch weighing 7.5 grams. *note the 6” stake is actually 6 ⅜”. I can’t comment on the specs of the 9″ as I do not own any.

sorex tip

I believe the aluminum tips are the secret to these surviving. You can see in the photo they have been absorbing a lot of the brunt of the force.

In summary, these are some really durable, high quality and affordable lightweight stakes.  I wasn’t expecting too much from these and have been pleasantly surprised.  If they can survive what I have been subjecting them to, then I believe they will excel at “normal” use.

ruta locura sorex


2 responses to “Featured Gear: Ruta Locura Sorex Stake

  1. Hi there. I just bought 8 of these from zpacks. Do you ‘hammer’ them into the ground with rocks or do you just push them in with your shoe? By the looks of them in your photos, I would guess the former. It seems like they would crack or shatter, but…?

    • I use rocks. What you brought up is the exact reason I did this write up. I fully expected them to shatter or at least crack but they have not . . . yet. Their durability has really surprised me. That being said, I would not recommend pounding them with anything.

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