Featured Gear: DutchWare Gear Sit Pad

I picked up one of these little sit pads from DutchWare Gear about a year ago.  I had never put much thought into carrying a sit pad, I had determined them to be unnecessary weight and bulk.  And honestly, they probably are, but I have to say I have come to appreciate it the times I have brought it with me.  

This pad is pretty thin, around 0.19” thick so it isn’t going to provide significant cushioning but it is certainly better than nothing.  If you happen to have a particularly dainty butt, something like the Z Seat may be more appropriate but it is more expensive, heavier and bulkier.  

The best part about this pad, in my opinion, is the small pack size.  It folds in quarters down to 7.5” x 5.75”.   Full size when unfolded is 15” x 11” and weight on my scale is 18 grams.

I’ve carried this a lot over the past year, on backpacking trips and a lot of day hiking.  Durability so far is pretty good.  The fold creases have held up, which surprised me as I figured one of those would tear with use but not yet.  And no noticeable flattening.

I’ve used this on everything from sharp, dusty desert ground to wet duff to snow.  I even used it a couple nights on top of my shoes as a pillow.  Not the greatest pillow, but it worked.

Besides the obvious function of sitting on it, it also works pretty well as a doormat or porch, if you will, for your shelter.  

If you are someone who likes to carry a sit pad or have been thinking about getting one, this is a pretty good inexpensive, low weight/bulk option.

Available from DutchWare Gear for $6.75 plus shipping.


4 responses to “Featured Gear: DutchWare Gear Sit Pad

  1. Ok, I have to say this is getting weird. You basically review all of my very favorite pieces of gear. We could pretty much trade backpacks on the trail and be 100% happy.

    The Dutch sitpad is one of my all-time favorite pieces of gear. I bring it on dayhikes, longer backpacking trips and car-camping. I’ve had mine for a couple years and it is in fine condition. It lives in the front pocket of my pack or under a piece of shockcord ready to be pulled out at every rest break.

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